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Seanergy Yachts is a pioneer in providing every kind of yacht management, maintenance and service under one roof.

Whether moored in the home marina or sailing abroad, Seanergy Yachts maintains your investment with experienced in-house professionals. Seanergy Yachts, part of Sea Alliance – the complete answer for yachting


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Stream - Sale and Charter Luxury Yacht World Wide
Seanergy - Management and Consultancy Maritime Projects
Sea-Alliance - Management, Maintenance, Shipyard and Marine Equipment








Seanergy Yachts Managment

Seanergy Company was established in the late 1999 and was a pioneer in the yachts managing and maintaining business in israel. seanergy's objective is to keep all the treatments under one roof: management, upkeep and maintenance of yachts, all over the country. Since its establishment until today, Seanargy specialized in all aspects of yachts maintenance and became a byword and synonym for all types of yachts, related specialties: yacht maintenance, worldwide yachts transport, yacht collecting, yachts managing and Mega Yachts. In addition, we specialize in services for your yacht, from the yacht management services, agent services, yachts and mega yachts, yacht docking and maintenance and all other yacht service.



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