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The Team

Itay Singer, Director
Itay is a veteran commercial Yacht Captain with versatile experience in ocean crossings and Mediterranean voyages. He also worked at several docks around the world acquiring vast experience and knowledge in a vessel's construction, refitting and maintenance. Itay is in charge of the yacht management, which includes supervision of major yacht maintenance, as well as construction projects, marina operation and the company's operations in Israel and worldwide.  Itay holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and has been certified as an Advanced Marina Manager in the UK.


Roy Klajman, Director
Roy's link to the sea comes from the Israeli Navy. Serving for more than a decade as a Major and Captain on an Israeli ship, he gained miles of maritime experience. While working as a freelancer captain, including work in various shipyards, he started to realize the potential of the yachting industry. Roy is in charge of sales and business development within the company. 
Roy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business.


Uri Idan, Director
Uri is a veteran yacht captain with extensive experience in competitive sailing, maritime projects, dry dock and construction works. He has sailed and worked on boats all over the world.
Uri holds an Electronic and Mechanical Engineering degree, and a Bachelor's degree in Business.
Currently he is in charge of yacht sales, yacht management and supervising naval projects.

Tal Hashay, Yacht Captain and Master Technician
Tal is both a veteran skipper, with seagoing experience in all sizes of
yachts, and an technical expert in all yacht systems.  He is also a certified Dive Master, able to inspect and repair underwater problems.
Tal brings to the Seanergy division of the Sea Alliance Team a well-rounded knowledge of mechanics, vessel rigging, electrical systems, air-conditioning and electronics. He is a recognized expert in yacht painting and other aspects of deck reconditioning.


Benny Varsano, Yacht Captain, Yacht Manager
Benny’s experience with seagoing vessels began at the age of 14, and continued through his 6 years of military service with the Israeli Navy.
As part of the Seanergy division of the Sea Alliance Team, Benny is a certified Dive Master and commercial-class Skipper, with wide experience in chartered cruises. He not only navigates all classes of yachts, but has long experience in training skippers with seagoing instruction and vessel management. He also supervises the training and guidance of other yacht captains both in Israel and abroad.
Benny holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a degree in Group Consultancy.


Sa’ar Goldberg,  Captain and manager of Eilat Branch

Sa’ar served as Naval Chief and second in command of a Dabur naval vessel. He is qualified as a maintenance captain, tugboat skipper and naval electrician in the Israeli Naval Reserves.
Sa’ar has 12 years of experience as a Skipper and Technician aboard submarines, including time living aboard as Chief. In addition, he has expertise as a Diving Master. His specialties include electrical engineering (high-voltage) and service of sailing instruments, for which he was recognized in Israel’s Ministry of Transport.
In addition, Sa’ar has worked in the Sea and Shore Division of the Environmental Protection Ministry, as Head of Technical Maintenance. He is a graduate of a course in sea pollution and oil-spill response from OSRI (England).


Eran Boretzky, Yacht and Marina maintenance

Served in Givati in the IDF, his relationship with the sea started in his youth as a surfer and a free diver
Eran is a diver of the highest levels including technical diving and TRI MIX, he worked for several years in a fish farm in the Red Sea with the Sailing and diving team
Eran loves professional fishing in the Red Sea and is an active participant in fishing trips around the world.
 Eran deals with the maintenance of King Solomon marina in Eilat and the maintenance of Eilat's luxury yachts.
He is in charge of the Fishing department at Synergy Shop and acts as a fishing instructor as well.
You may see him in one of the world well known fishing magazines.


Meytal Cohen Wartski, Store Manager

Seanergy Shop Store Manager, Meital has been with us since the opening of the branch in Eilat. Served in the Navy in Eilat

Ety Dvir, Book keeper


Raaya Bar David, Office & Marketing manager
Raaya is responsible for all the administrative aspects in the office, she is relied upon to track and expedite all kinds of requests. In addition she is responsible for marketing, she regularly updates in all the various Medias (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and company websites). A BA graduate in Banking and Capital Markting.