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Yacht Cleaning Proactive Prevention: Some parts of a yacht exposed to sea, wind and sun need ongoing cleaning and reconditioning, in order to keep your yacht in top condition, preserve its market value, and allow safe sailing. With that in mind, the Seanergy yacht maintenance staff offer inspections and  yacht cleaning the interior and exterior  of the yacht every week or every two weeks, depending on the vessel’s use and your personal preference.


Comprehensive Yacht Cleaning: Polishing of all metal & fiberglass  is standard, and Seanergy is also experienced in the care and reconditioning of teak and other luxury wood surfaces. We thoroughly clean sofa cushions and bed mattresses, drapes and decorative objects, carpets and cabinet doors – as well as outdoor elements often overlooked, like ship lights, flags, handrails and stairs. Close attention is given to all rust, salt and dirt, in order to prevent functional problems and preserve the vessel’s appearance. Dependable Quality, all yacht cleaning is carried out efficiently and cost-effectively by trained Seanergy staff, drawing on more than 10 years of company experience in the care of all classes of yachts. Professionalism and attention to detail are part of our yacht cleaning management standards, and our staff uses only quality cleaning materials formulated for yachts. We also make sure to remember your personal requests and preferences.


Alert to Potential Problems: Seanergy ensures that all surfaces are kept in prime condition. When necessary, we advise you on the need for repairs or more serious reconditioning, which our staff can also perform. Go here for more details
Storm Inspections: As part of our regular management, Seanergy managers check all yachts before, during and after a storm to ensure that it is properly moored, and that there is no damage. Any problems are fixed immediately.


System Operation: Seanergy inspects all technical systems for potential malfunction. Certified technicians and engineers employed by Seanergy have been trained by the brand manufacturer to service the specific system or device that needs attention.
Yacht Delivery : When your yacht is too far away from a desired sailing area, Seanergy crews will sail your vessel to a designated starting point anywhere in the world, so that you don’t have to endure a voyage that is too boring or too long for your plans. Seanergy managers will arrange for berthing in an appropriate marina at your destination, where your yacht will await your arrival.
Technical and diving inspection: Seanergy performs any necessary engine repairs, conditioning and anti-fouling of all vents, tanks and surfaces to remove residue and sediment. Underside parts that are checked and serviced include the propellers, the propeller shaft bearings or sail drive, the rudder shaft and rudder board, and the keel and the keel screws.


Rescue and Salvage Services : In the event of your yacht becoming damaged from storms, collisions or other mishaps, Seanergy takes charge with efficiency gained from long experience.  Experts can be brought in to restore and renew damaged vessels. Seanergy also provides towing service for vessels stranded at sea, in partnership with the world’s leading insurance companies.


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