Dry Dock Services

Skilled work is needed periodically by all yachts to protect their appearance, durability and performance.

• Hull treatment and antifouling: Technicians examine the hull passages and seacocks, and clean and paint the hull with anti-fouling paint to remove and repel sediment. The grade of antifouling is chosen according to the use of the yacht: soft seasonal antifouling, to protect boats used only occasionally; hard Telfon-based antifouling, for fast motorized vessels to improve speed and reduce fuel consumption; and a super-hard Telfon formula for competition yachts, which reduces drag. Seanergy uses only quality paints produced by an international company.
• Osmosis treatment: Osmosis is water penetration into the fiberglass or polyester hull of the yacht. Osmosis causes blistering, separation of the fiberglass layers and permanent waterlog damage to the boat structure. Seanergy is an international leader in osmosis detection and treatment, including a special process to reverse osmosis damage. Our osmosis prevention treatment carries a 5-year guarantee.
• Painting: Top-quality gloss paints are used on decks and topsides, after first preparing the surfaces. Seanergy can carry out the most complex painting projects. In keeping with global standards, Seanergy uses paints that enable repainting of yachts for lower cost, with superior results. Your repainted yacht glows like it did when it first left the shipyard.


• Refitting and Restoration: When improvement or refurbishing is being considered, our managers consult with Seanergy engineers, naval architects and master mariners who are closely involved with shipyards, designers and manufacturers. This input ensures that all renovations will enhance your vessel’s structure and value, and will not cause problems later.


• Welding & Steel Work : Seanergy mechanics are trained in working with stainless steel welding, from functional parts like the exhaust pipes and railings to decorative trim. All welding work is ground and polished to professional standards.