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Mechanical Maintenance

Seanergy mechanical expertise covers all types of motors – diesel and benzine (internal and outboard) – as well as generators.


•Repairs and Ongoing Maintenance:  Seanergy technicians efficiently perform servicing to yacht motors while keeping the surroundings clean, an important factor that affects both the ship and the marine environment. Whether the vessel is in a marina or on the open sea, strict environmental protection standards are observed.


• Installation of Motors and Generators:  We upgrade both new and pre-owned yachts with quality equipment from Lombardi Marine, the Italian leader that offers a line of seagoing motors and generators for every need. For customers who desire luxury standards, we install the famous Volvo Penta motors and Kohler Marine generators.


•Outboard Motors: Seanergy represents the world’s leading outboard motor manufacturer, Honda Marine, a company recognized as a pioneer in outboard motor innovation and quality.


•Cleaning and Upgrade of Fuel System: Our success in identifying a common problem in diesel fuel tanks, which causes damage to the motors, has allowed Seanergy to redefine the industrial standards by cleaning fuel tanks with unique equipment that does not require dismantling the tank. We also install filters and use top-quality fuel from Separ and Craft.