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Yacht Construction Supervision

Construction and Refit Management consists mainly of the following objectives:

  • Legal and contractual matters - Lawyers do not have the tools to assure the contract legal issues are well correlated with the technical and commercial  issues. That is why we at Sea Alliance provide our full attention in order to take care of these matters. In the following stages of the process Sea alliance will monitor the project and assure that all stages that were agreed upon in the contract are fulfilled.

  • Construction/refit Insurance-  Firstly, Sea-Alliance will identify the risks, assess them and address them to the most feasible underwriter.  

  • Budget/financial matters- Sea- Alliance is here to define the scope, to refine it, to budget it, to follow the cash-flow on a daily basis and to make sure that the project will not only start at a pre-defined point, but also end in one.

  • Technical supervision- Sea Alliance will make sure that all the technical work is done to the highest standard by hiring specific surveyors for specific tasks and following their reports and work.

  • Schedule- Sea Alliance will make sure that the Gant Chart is respected and followed on a daily basis. 

  • Reports- Sea Alliance will report back to the client on an agreed date – updating him on the progress and relevant factors while filtering all the complicated and irrelevant issues.