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Management Service

Seanergy Management Services


Every vessel and every owner is unique. Because of this, our management services are adjusted to meet your specific requirements. Seanergy staff pride themselves on intimate knowledge of your yacht as though it were their own.

Seanergy departments handle different aspects of managing your yacht, based on your needs and goals:


Personnel Management
The Seanergy personnel managers select those who interface with you to match your preferences and budget, like a well-tailored suit.  We maintain a worldwide data base that gives us access to knowledgeable staff for all classes of yachts, as well as connections with many employment agencies able to recruit specialized staff.

Seanergy recruits seasoned yacht crews to navigate your vessel as needed – either temporary crews for a season, or permanent crews for long-term service.  All crew members (captain, mechanics, first mate, stewardess and chef) are chosen with care to match your desires and needs, as well as for their special skills and work experience.

We take care of our staff in all employee-related matters, including work contracts, medical insurance, salary payments, and more. We also send our staff to courses and seminars which enables them to receive certification for specialized skills, whenever appropriate.

We not only guide all employees in the performance of their duties, Seanergy managers also handle all the details of hiring, payroll and terms of employment, based on the requirements of your flag state.


Administrative Management

Registration in the Flag States
Seanergy assists you in choosing and registering with flag states, based on the character of your yacht and your preferences. This is a complex matter that requires expertise in the process, good connections with officials in the flag states, and knowledge of the options that will meet your personal needs.

Our managers take care of all licensing required by governmental authorities, securing the necessary documents and wireless licenses.

Seanergy’s standing with major insurers includes superior bargaining power, which enables yacht owners to save significantly on their insurance coverage fees (especially mega-yachts). The large number of vessels under our management allows us to secure attractive rates for each client.

Technical Management

Routine Maintenance
Seanergy staff members are meticulous keeping your yacht in prime condition through regular inspection and prompt follow-up on any maintenance needs.

Our experienced engineering staff provides the knowledge that can find professional solutions for any technical problem, in a fast, cost-effective manner. Our connections with suppliers around the world ensure delivery of needed parts to wherever your vessel might be.

Seanergy knows how to dock the vessel for the necessary time period, as well as finding the appropriate facility and professionals, for the optimal costs for quality workmanship. The rest of the year, our service technicians are on call for quick responses to sudden system failure, storm damage and other possibilities.

After-Sale Service
From the first day of ownership, Seanergy begins to care for your vessel. Seanergy managers will give your new purchase a complete inspection before you set foot aboard, so that your first experience in yachting will be everything you had hoped. Our long-standing relationships with yacht manufacturers enable Seanergy managers to resolve any problems quickly and completely.


Financial Management

Financial Administration
All administrative matters are carried out by Seanergy’s professionals who associate with experts in other financial companies. These include both operational functions (bill payment, payroll, banking, yachting fees) and strategic cost-saving services for realistic budgeting. Seanergy’s business expertise is backed by worldwide networking, allowing us to secure the best quality for the best price.

Full Financial Services
We present consolidated monthly reporting to give you a complete, transparent picture of your yacht management process.

Legal Consulting
Seanergy provides comprehensive legal advice concerning international maritime law and any other legal matters as needed.


Safety Management

Cruise Itinerary Planning and Assistance
If desired, Seanergy's knowledgeable planners will help you chart a cruise of any length and complexity. We advise you on canal transits, grocery and fuel restocking locations, visa requirements, customs fees and docking fees at desired ports of call.

Before any cruise or transfer, Seanergy itinerary managers review the course and sailing conditions with your captain, along with MCA standards of safety for your vessel and all aboard it. During the cruise, Seanergy follows your progress through our comprehensive shore backup system.
Seagoing Safety
Seanergy clients enjoy MCA-mandated shore backup on every cruise. Seanergy continually tracks your vessel and stays in contact with your skipper, ready with the resources to reroute your course in case of bad weather, or mobilize aid in case of emergencies - technical support, medical advice and more. We have instant access to rescue teams and coastguards, towing companies, legal aid, your insurers, your flag state and designated family members.

Security and Emergency Backup
In the event of a seagoing emergency, accident or difficult weather conditions, Seanergy emergency response teams are continually on call. Seanergy experts also provide ISPS security management, with everything needed to neutralize a manmade threat to vessel and passengers: theft, harassment, or unauthorized intrusion.


Charter Management

Efficient Chartering
Chartering your yacht for a few weeks out of the year is a popular strategy to offset the expense of owning a luxurious ship. The chartering expertise of Stream, our partner in the Sea Alliance Team, is applied to help you meet that goal.

Seanergy handles all chartering management aspects: recruitment and management of staff, charter cruising plan, menu planning, selection of the chef, and other details of the cruise as desired.